Chairperson's Desk

It is a great pleasure in addressing the aspirants seeking admissions to our institute. This institute is established with a mission to impart value based, quality education in engineering.

As most of you must be aware that the last two decades have witnessed tremendous amount of development in the field of communication, computers, solid state devices and material science technologies. The advancement in these fields is mind-boggling.

Integration of computer and communication has brought about the concept of Global Village where the physical boundaries of nations have blurred, identifying the present century as an era of information revolution. This revolution encompasses almost all disciplines of engineering. The growth in these fields has been phenomenal owing to instant access to any type of information through internet and variety of communication media available at present. There is an ever increasing demand of highly technical manpower to meet the challenges of the technical growth in 21st century. This institute will also like to make its small contribution in this direction.

To achieve this, we have created state-of-the-art infrastructure, laboratory facilities and highly qualified and experienced faculty to impart quality education in the field of electronics, computers, information technology and mechanical engineering and give them exposure to the latest development in these areas. I strongly feel that the growth of any institution is linked with its intellectual capital along with its infrastructure. We will continue our efforts and move forward to acquire them to perfection.