Incubation Cell

In Nature, the idea of Incubation started seconds before the big-bang-the ultimate of E=MC2 which transformed the entire compressed unified energy into a mass. With the passage of time, this mass acquired a variety of forms due to the different combinations of electrons, protons, neutrons and a variety of nuclear particles, penetrating the whole expanding universe. This expansion of universe also added a new dimension to the whole philosophy or science and engineering of E=MC2 and the universe cooled to a perfect level, where the physical, chemical, electrical, electrostatic, thermal energy, electromagnetic, geomagnetic, gravitational and nuclear fields collaborated to produce the first living cell-ultimately turning into a human being on a beautiful planet called Earth.

Nature took just 4.2 billion years to incubate energy into a human being-an intelligent machine, which is capable of working intelligently in supplementary and complementary modes.

At SBIT, we have an exactly similar natural Incubation Cell, wherein instead of 4.2 billon years, we have 4.2 years to tap the latent energy of each and every student or our students themselves can transform their latent energy, latent ideas, latent thrill, into a practical reality for the betterment of humanity on Earth or even to help in understanding the mysteries of Nature, mysteries of materials, energies, interactions or even just transformations of ideas on papers, provide leads for big or small activities.

While thinking of incubation of an idea, we always get scary, we think that only bigger things are needed but some of us do realize that in nature every small idea is a of a big help to humanity. Just imagine, if the density of ice would have been more than the density of water, what damage it would have done to mankind or what benefits would have been there?

There are millions of such examples, if capillary action would have not been there, what would have been the damage to mankind?