School of Tourism & Hotel Management

School of Tourism and Hotel Management provides Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), which is a three-year full time degree programme which includes 6 semesters and industrial training in the 3rd and 5th semester and affiliated to DCR University of Science & Technology, Murthal, Sonepat, Haryana.

The boom in the tourism industry has resulted in the immense growth of hotel industry in India. The hotel industry promises a bright future for anyone who wishes to take up a career in this segment. The dynamic nature is expected to face a rapid inclination for years to come and hence, this industry is expected to be a gold mine. A degree in hotel management will be able to nurture a professional pride and inculcate a sounder basis to develop career prospects. The students opting for hotel management and catering technology career courses must have an affinity towards socializing and understanding the needs of the people.

The course, thus, offers knowledge on the following facets:

• Food production

• Food & Beverages services

• Front office operation

• Accommodation operation

A leading-edge programme that builds professional credentials and advances careers in the hospitality industry. The entire programme is infused with a blend of academic theory and industry experiences, designed to give graduate students as well as professionals the opportunity to re-engineer their career into the hospitality and service sector.

Course Highlights

• International Internship

• Group Discussion Sessions

• 100% Placement Assistance

• 40 weeks industrial exposure

• Personality Development Programme

• Live Projects and Assignments

• Guest Lectures by Industry Experts


Course Objective

• A high level of academic rigor, recognized by the tourism and hospitality industry.

• Hospitality management education and training in the crucial fields of business finance, sales and marketing, information technology and human resource management.

• A global understanding of the factors that influence the hospitality and tourism industry, particularly as they relate to the specialist degree undertaken.

• A unique focus on the concept of hospitality and critical analysis of management styles and practices.


Internships & Placement

Industry training is an integral part of the study program at SBIT. During every academic year, students are required to carry industry training period in the 3rd and 5th semester in a hotel or a restaurant approved by Institute. A Career and Placement Counsellor assists students with placements in hotels and restaurants.


Do you dream B i g ?????

Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Airlines, Clubs, Restaurants and many of the related service sector industries look for qualified, multi skilled future managers to grow their businesses. The tourism sector is projected to continue growing and as it expands, employers around the world increasingly demand qualified and highly skilled managers. You have a great opportunity to develop your career in this fast growing sector.

Hotel and Tourism careers are for young people with strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Some of the abilities necessary for a successful career include: people and communication skills, patience and tolerance, selling ability, be multi-lingual, and have a sincere desire to continue learning on-the-job. Hotel and Tourism careers are for those who enjoy the art of creating a pleasant and enjoyable environment for customers as well as for those who love the excitement of travel.

The course prepares students for job opening positions such as supervisors, junior managers and skilled Craftsmen in Hotels, Restaurants, Airline/ Mobile Catering units, Industrial Canteens, Schools, Hospitals and also teaching positions in Training Institutions.


Winning Edge

The convenient location of the Institute in the heart of one of the world's great business and tourist destinations means that there are plenty of five star hotels in the immediate vicinity of the campus. These hotels provide ideal field trip opportunities for our students and also a ready source of industry professionals for guest lectures and demonstrations.

Outdoor education has an intrinsic connection within the SBIT movement, seeking through experiential methods to explore not just the local landscape, but also the relationships with self and others. The 40 week industrial exposure is designed to provide students a complete overview of the operation of all the departments of a full-size hotel. The theory-plus practice approach in teaching hospitality management requires students to spend half their time in class and the other half in practical training.

Faculty at SBIT School of Tourism and Hotel Management is a cut above the rest and experts keep the students updated with the latest global thinking and development.

We do have well equipped and ultra modern facilities in a world class infrastructure – AC Classrooms, Labs, Auditorium, Library and Wi-Fi Campus.

As a part of the efforts to develop and strengthen the relationship with the corporate world, SBIT has delineated long-term strategy to place its students in prestigious organizations. We provide assistance to students for getting good opportunities once they leave the campus.

SBIT School of Tourism and Hotel Management have wide-ranging partnerships and close ties with a large number of international hospitality companies. Visits of senior industry executives are arranged frequently to the campus to take part in classes, give guest lectures, participate in field projects and simply network with participants and faculty.